Here's some advice on how to take good care of your wedding veil.

Once you have received your veil, take it out of the package and place it up on a hanger to prevent unnecessary wrinkling. By hanging it up you let the fabric breathe and help the wrinkles to start falling out naturally. Wrinkles come out quite easily and are not seen very clearly in tulle fabric. However, if you wish to wear it without any wrinkles, use a steamer to smooth them out. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT USE AN IRON. Ironing can easily damage the delicate lace, tulle and embellishments. If you do not have a steamer of your own, you can ask a local bridal salon to steam it for you. But in case you absolutely insist on ironing it yourself, use the lowest setting and don't press the iron too hard. However, we do not recommend ironing your veil.

Handle with care and avoid placing the veil in direct sunlight. After the wedding, store the veil in the box to keep it away from dust and sunlight.

Avoid contact with water. If the veil gets stained, small fresh stains can be carefully removed by hand with water and mild soap. The delicate materials cannot withstand the harsh motions of a washing machine or any scrubbing with hands. If you happen to get big stains on it, we recommend you to take it to a dry cleaner.

You will also receive detailed care instructions with your order. Due to the veil's delicate nature please follow the care instructions very carefully.

If you are wearing a wedding dress that has crystals, beading or a crystal belt. Or you are wearing a hairpiece with crystals or other embellishments, keep in mind that the veil might get tangled in the crystals and beading. If you are wearing a crystal headpiece together with the veil, place the veil in a way that the headpiece will not accidentally tear the veil.