In our veils we use the highest quality bridal illusion tulle made in the UK. This fine tulle is pleasantly soft to the touch and gives the veil its beautiful structure. We use this tulle because it is perfect for veils with a blusher due to its sheerness and lightness. It works especially well for photographs, revealing the bride's beautiful features behind the veil.

We use Dentelle de Calais-Caudry® lace in our lace trim veils. Dentelle de Calais-Caudry® is the crème de la crème of laces. Made in northern France, in the areas of Calais and Caudry. The laces are made on nearly 200 year old Leavers looms and with the hands of skilled craftsmen this tradition of lace making has been passed down from generation to generation for two centuries.

Dentelle de Calais-Caudry® is a registered and protected trademark and it is exclusively reserved for lace made on Leavers looms by the master lace-makers of Calais and Caudry, by using a unique and complex method of knotting between the warp and the weft threads.

Dentelle de Calais-Caudry® lace has for long been used by French haute couture designers and fashion designers around the world to create their beautiful designs.

The French laces we use for our veils have the iconic eyelash edge which has been the symbol of authentic French lace. 

In our crystal embellished veils we use Swarovski crystals. This way we can guarantee the premium quality and brilliant shine for our veils.

In our pearl embellished veils we use genuine freshwater pearls. To achieve that dreamy glow and timeless elegance.

In most of our veils we use silver plated metal combs. These silver plated combs are 7.5 cm wide. For the wider veils we use a regular 10 cm metal comb. Both combs are nickel free.

The laces come in colors ivory or ecru. If you are not familiar with ecru, it is a deeper shade of ivory, just slightly darker than the usual ivory. However in most cases the color difference between ivory and ecru is not that noticeable. These are the color options by the manufacturer and we cannot affect the color range. Please take note of this when making purchases.

The only noticeable color difference is in the mantilla veil called Celeste. This lace in Celeste has a darker tone than the other laces. Please keep this in mind when ordering. Notice that the colors may alter depending on the settings of your computer or phone screen.

If you are uncertain about whether the color of the lace or tulle will match your wedding dress, you can request a free swatch by email. We will send you a swatch of the lace or tulle, so you can see the colors next to your wedding dress.

Our lace trim veils are made of ivory tulle since it matches best with the color of the laces. For crystal and pearl embellished veils or veils without embellishments you can choose between white or ivory tulle. If you wish to have your veil in silk white, please request for silk white tulle by email.

All of our veils are handmade and can have tiny differences between each other. This is part of the charm of a handmade piece since they are all made by hand one at a time.