Why wear a wedding veil?

Are you planning your wedding and have now come to the point where you are thinking about whether to wear a wedding veil or not. Here are some thoughts on why you may want to wear a veil on your wedding day.


For beauty

As we all know, the indisputable fact is that every bride looks beautiful in a wedding veil. If you are not a veil type of girl that is totally fine, but have you ever seen a bride who doesn't look absolutely beautiful in a wedding veil.

A wedding veil works like fairy dust. It simply elevates everything. Not only does it flatter your figure, complement your dress and frame your face beautifully. But it makes everything 100% more romantic and glorious in seconds.

Gorgeous wedding photos

If the wedding photoshoot is important to you and photos are something you cherish, then you may want to consider adding a veil to your look.

A skilled photographer knows how to take some a-m-a-z-i-n-g pictures with veils. Adding a veil can really take your wedding photos to a whole new level. There are so many amazing shots that you can take with veils, and especially blusher veils and long veils work really well in photos.

You're going to look back at your wedding pictures and be glad you chose to wear a veil.

Once in a lifetime

Every culture has its own traditions and customs when it comes to weddings. But even if you're not into traditions, you can still wear a wedding veil just as a bridal accessory. And what could be more bridal than a veil?

You can think about it this way. When are you ever going to have another chance to wear a veil?

You can wear a white dress any day, do your hair for any party and wear jewelry any time you want. But the only time you can wear a wedding veil is literally to your own wedding. So use your once in a lifetime opportunity, make the most of it and enjoy it!

It's not like it used to be

Maybe the reason why you're hesitating to wear a veil, is because the only thing that comes to your mind when someone even mentions wedding veils, are those crazy poofy veils from the 80's that you may have seen in your mom's wedding album.

Luckily bridal fashion has changed a lot since the 80's and the modern veil trend is very different than what is was years ago.

The current veil trend is more toned down and it is not trying to compete with the dress or overpower it, but instead the goal is to be in harmony with the wedding dress and all the other elements. When things are well balanced, you will have a harmonious wedding look.

so many different styles to choose from

There is a wedding veil out there for everyone that suits your personal style and taste. If you don't know where to start, just think about the things that you like and what would go well with your dress.

If you love long and dramatic veils, a cathedral length veil could be the perfect choice for you. If you are a romantic bride who loves lace, there's plenty of lace trim veils available. Or do you want something a little more special? Then a drape veil could be the right one for you.

If you love everything vintage, you can pick a juliet cap veil. Or perhaps you like to keep things as minimalistic as possible. You can always choose a simple tulle veil in any lenght.

Maybe you just want something very small and light. Then a birdcage veil might suit your taste. If you want that romantic ethereal look, go for a veil with a blusher.

In case you don't want your veil to cover your hair, pick a single tier veil. Or perhaps you want to wear something completely different, then maybe a cape veil would do? And I've got good news for all the bohemian brides, your options are basically endless.

The list goes on and on, and with customization, you can pretty much have anything you want.

In summary

If you love wedding veils, wear one. If you hate veils, don't wear one. If you're not sure, try them out. Keep an open mind and give wedding veils a chance. You may then be surprised at how wonderful they actually are.

There really is a perfect veil out there for everyone. Usually people know just by looking if they like a certain style or not, so you probably already have a favourite veil style in mind. Then just try it out with your dress and if you love it, wear it.

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